Treasure hunt to discover a place
19 November 2017
International Holocaust Remembrance Day
24 January 2018

During the last TPM in Florence, the coordinators participating at the activities were involved in a short lesson about storytelling by Serena Barilaro from Sharing Europe. Later they texted a workshop which could be part of the training course of the project: the pictures storytelling lab. In order to celebrate the Reinassence 3 pictures from Galleria degli Uffizi have been the core of the activity. The participant were divided into 3 teams.
Phase 1
Each team received a picture and analysed it in order to decide three main elements:
1. Location
2. Character(s)
3. Topic
The team after identifying them in a short discussion gave the paper with the 3 elements (without the picture) to the second group.
Phase 2
The second group had to write the plot starting from the 3 elements received.
Phase 3
The last group received a paper with the starting elements of the story, the starting plot and had to finish it arriving at the lesson to learn.
Phase 4
Finished the story, it come back to the first group that attached the original picture and read it in front of the group. Only when the story telling was finished, the picture was shown. The group could have an additional discussion about the result of the story and add some elements of them. The final phase was really funny!


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