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24 January 2018
2018: commemorations
1 February 2018

The Platform of European Memory and Conscience launches its human rights educational game in the Czech Republic.

On 16 November, the eve of the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, the Platform of European Memory and Conscience held in Prague a Czech première of a unique board game Across the Iron Curtain. Produced by the Platform and the Polish Institute of National Memory, the game is play-and-learn opportunity to acquire deeper awareness of history and human rights related to Communist régime. The game is currently available in English and Czech.

It is an extraordinary educational board game telling the story of people who managed to escape across the Iron Curtain. It has been developed by an international team of experts from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Among them was Karol Madaj from Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance, author of many board games, including the very popular “Kolejka” (Queue), a game published worldwide.

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