2018: commemorations
1 February 2018
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2 February 2018

I do not remember what year it was, maybe 1968, or ’69. Or 70? It was the first great event I attended, and I had the clear feeling, without uncertainty, of doing something right, important, big, necessary. The police had fired, four farmhands had died in Avola: it seemed an unworthy thing. We marched, we were high school students, almost at the head of the parade, we had big red letters around our neck, which formed a phrase: UNITED AGAINST REPRESSION. I was the second E of “repression”. I was afraid, I hated violence but I felt that we could not keep quiet, we could not just suffer. We were bright, even if angry. We sang. We shouted that we wanted a change, a more honest and equal world. We really felt “united”, one single thing, all together, fragile but strong. Right, just right. And fortunately nothing bad happened.

S.S. from Italy

Sharing Europe from Florence started to collect memories from local citizens interested in the project activities. We asked participants to “write a message in a bottle” for the future, by sharing a relevant story for them.

Original version [Italian]

Strano, non ricordo più che anno era, forse il 1968, o il ’69. O il 70?. Era la prima grande manifestazione a cui partecipavo, e avevo la sensazione chiara, senza incertezze, di star facendo qualcosa di giusto, di importante, di grande, di necessario. La polizia aveva sparato, ad Avola erano morti quattro braccianti: mi sembrava una cosa indegna. Marciavamo, noi ragazzi delle superiori, quasi alla testa del corteo, portavamo appese al collo delle lettere grandi, rosse, che formavano una scritta: UNITI CONTRO LA REPRESSIONE. Io ero la seconda E di “repressione”. Avevo paura, odiavo la violenza ma sentivo che non si poteva tacere, non si poteva solo subire. Eravamo luminosi, anche se arrabbiati. Cantavamo. Gridavamo che volevamo un cambiamento, un mondo più giusto. Ci sentivamo “uniti” davvero, una sola cosa, tutti insieme, fragile ma forte. Giusta, solo giusta. E per fortuna non successe nulla di male.

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