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2 February 2018
#My gifts for the future 1
4 February 2018

The feeling of lightness (never tried again) that I felt at the end of my last university exam. International Economics. 18. The minimum. A beautiful feeling, of having completed a long journey and no longer having to take exams, not in that way at least (because, you know, we take life exams forever, but in a different way from the academic ones).

R.C. from Italy

Sharing Europe from Florence started to collect memories from local citizens interested in the project activities. We asked participants to “write a message in a bottle” for the future.

Original version [Italian]

La sensazione di leggerezza (mai più provata) che ho avvertito alla fine del mio ultimo esame all’università.Economia Internazionale. 18. Il minimo. Una sensazine bellissima, di aver concluso un lungo percorso e di non dover più sostenere esami, non in quella maniera almeno (perchè, si sa, gli esami si sostengono per sempre, solo in maniera diversa da quella accademica).

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