Share your story: War experiences
7 February 2018
Next meeting in Plovdiv
14 February 2018
  1. A physical / political map of the current world, in order to realize the differences;
  2. the seeds of a plant that could be extinct
  3. a fashionable dress of this era, because it is able to notice how tastes change;
  4. a essay in Italian of my students, to understand how this language was in my time;
  5. an album of photos that portray the happy moments of my life, so that they can know me a little.

Sharing Europe from Florence started to collect memories from local citizens interested in the project activities. We asked participants to “list 5 items that you would place in a time capsule so that your descendants find them within 500 years”. 

Original version [Italian]

  1. Una cartina fisica/politica del mondo attuale, per fare in modo che possano rendersi conto delle differenze;
  2. i semi di una pianta che potrebbe estinguersi, per permettere loro di vederla ancora;
  3. un abito alla moda di quest’epoca, perché possano notare come cambiano i gusti;
  4. un tema in italiano dei miei alunni, per capire come si parlava questa lingua ai miei tempi;
  5. un album di foto che ritraggono i momenti felici della mia vita, affinché possano conoscermi un po’.

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