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11 April 2018
#My gifts for the future 7
11 April 2018
  1. a cloth doll, symbol of the simplicity of the past,
  2. a bicycle, a useful and healthy way to move in the open air,
  3. an inkwell and a pen with a nib, so the writing could not be forgotten,
  4. the notebook of memories where the dearest people wrote a thought forever,
  5. a glass bottle which we used to bring to the farmer to get fresh milk.

Sharing Europe from Florence started to collect memories from local citizens interested in the project activities. We asked participants to “list 5 items that you would place in a time capsule so that your descendants find them within 500 years”. 

Original version [Italian]

  1. una bambola di stoffa, simbolo della semplicità di un tempo,
  2. una bicicletta, mezzo utile e sano per muoversi all’aria aperta,
  3. un calamaio e una penna con pennino, così non si poteva dimenticare la scrittura,
  4. il quaderno dei ricordi dove le persone più care scrivevano un pensiero per sempre,
  5. una bottiglia di vetro con la quale si andava dal contadino a prendere il latte appena munto.

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