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11 April 2018
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Training Course –

30 April – 4 May 2018 | Riga, Latvia

The concept

“Once upon a time a group of valiant people coming from various lands very very far away met on the green Riga. Although they didn’t look alike, they spoke different languages and had different cultures they had one common mission: to find the oldest Story ever told…”

This is where our journey begins, if you want to be part of this marvelous expedition join us in Riga from 30.4. to 4.5.2018 for the international training course “European Memories training course”.

Storytelling has a great intercultural value, indeed the experience of sharing stories with others bonds and unites communities and cultures, furthermore telling stories can also have a profound impact on the storytellers themselves – it is in the telling that we are able to interrogate and deepen our understanding of our experiences and assumptions about the world we live and work in, and also about ourselves. Sharing meaningful stories can enable this enriching connection, where people can really share who they are not taking into account where they come from, age, gender or financial, educational circumstances. Storytelling as a tool used smart, can be a leading frame for conversations and sharings.

Aims and objectives

The aim of this training course is to increase awareness of participants on innovative storytelling techniques on self-empowerment and also enable participants in the development of their personality and development and to plan their pathway in life.

The training course has following objectives:

  • To learn which are the key elements of storytelling and how to use them
  • To raise awareness of the importance of preserving memories
  • To learn how to create empathy and a safe environment for the participants to our training courses
  • To practise understanding and active listening
  • To share good practices among participants -to explore and develop common learning tools in order to apply them in their life
  • To explore the opportunities of Erasmus+ Programme to support development of adult education and encourage cooperation among participants.

The organizers

The project is organized by the members of the European Memories project in the framework of Erasmus+ Adult education Programme.

Profile of the participants

The training course is for 50+ adult people interested in the topic of preserving memories and active in volunteering field at local, national and international level as youth workers, trainers, teachers, volunteer. Participants should be able to communicate in English and attend the whole training course (5 full days).

Working language

Working language of this training course will be English.

Content and methodology

The training course is based on non-formal learning principles and methods: participants will relate to their experiences and share them with their co-learners. The non-formal education methods will be used, emphasizing experiential  learning cycle and learners-centred approach. The training will provide holistic approach to experience storytelling and its importance in the learning process and transfer the experience to youth work. During the process participants will learn by doing at each phase and so they evaluate, observe and transfer the experience to youth work. Therefore specific time will be devoted for designing their new storytelling action, as well as to develop new projects on local and international level.

Participants will share their stories using different tools and reflect on how to use them in their work. Therefore time will be devoted to work with participants own personal stories and also look for other people’s stories in the different environments. Program and methods will provide possibilities to express yourself in different ways (talking, walking, dancing, playing, being etc). During the training course participants will discover different storytelling models, experience several tools to share stories, practice active listening and empathy and making connection with people and practicing expression in different ways (verbal, non-verbal, using our bodies etc), have a look at how this techniques are applied on the field, experience how to create a safe environment.

The final outcome of the event will be the story book produced by the participants. Each participant will be asked to find out and take a photo of the very special thing that reminds him of the past remembrances. They will tell about why they have chosen the object and what is the story behind. The integrational part of the program will be that there are items which are common to everyone and each tool may represent the same feelings for any nation.

The technical tools they will be using are cameras, papers and in case needed drawing materials. The final design will be done by a professional group of the project team. The online booklet will be available prior the project final date.

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