Training course in Riga – 30 Apr/4 May
19 April 2018
Delegation from Malta in Florence
6 August 2018

This was my appellation, “The man in brush!”. I was known as the fastest painter of the capital city of Turkey, Ankara. Because, I was painting a 100 square meter flat in 40 minutes only. This drew interest in the whole city. Then, I painted big public institutions’, banks, etc. in a very short time. I was very happy while I was painting. So, I couldn’t realize how the time passed. At that time I was in my thirties. Now I’m 56 and retired. So, I don’t paint any longer. And, I remember those days with a big smile on my face!


Kırşehir Governorship asked the locals who participated in the project activities to share the memories that they remember first or they are impressed more in their life…”

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