6 August 2018

Delegation from Malta in Florence

During the first week of August Mark Causon from Genista Foundation and its staff came to visit Sharing Europe in Florence for a last bilateral meeting […]
19 April 2018

Training course in Riga – 30 Apr/4 May

Training Course – 30 April – 4 May 2018 | Riga, Latvia The concept “Once upon a time a group of valiant people coming from various […]
11 April 2018

#My gifts for the future 7

A book because I fear that the printed paper will disappear and there is nothing that can bind us more to our century than a good […]
11 April 2018

#My gifts for the future 6

a cloth doll, symbol of the simplicity of the past, a bicycle, a useful and healthy way to move in the open air, an inkwell and […]
11 April 2018

Share your story: travelling by car

I remember the snack of the ’60s: bread, butter and sugar. Even today nobody knows it, but I assure you that I let test a smallslice […]
6 April 2018

#My gifts for the future 6

A last generation smartphone , to represent the most widespread and most used object, almost a symbol of this time A supermarket plastic bag (not biodegradable), […]