Nursing Home – TURKEY

Kırşehir Nursing Home was opened into service in 2008. It has a wide green area, a car park, a pool and walking road in its garden. There are 59 rooms for the old. Also, some units have been created such as an infirmary, a doctor room, an examination room, a physiotherapy room, a library, rest rooms, an oriental room, a laundry, barber/coiffeur, mosque, kitchen, a hobby and occupancy room.
In this institution, there are 19 officers as a director, 3 deputy managers, 2 social workers, 1 psychologist, 4 medical assistants. Also, 49 special service personnels are working there.

This institution's aim is being an institution developing social policies that hinder social risks and implementing them for a society comprising happy citizens and strong families. It gives services focusing on elder people. The people in their 60s at least are considered as the old. With its satisfied workers, it is trying to provide their and their relatives’ pleasure from its services.

The institution started active functioning in 2008 and since then has been giving unconditional services to the old over 60 both in the field of psycho-social rehabilitation and health service also. It is open to innovations and developments with its qualified and experienced staff. It has collaborated with both public bodies and also NGOs like KIZLAY, Ahi Evran Üniversity, City Council, etc. and implemented succesfull works and projects.