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16 February 2018

Share your story: a new birth!

Here are my memories: The birth of my nephew. Certainly  it was the event that more than anything else excited me. A very strong emotional release […]
15 February 2018

Share your story: teach and learn!

My three memories: For a year I taught history and geography to the children of the oncology department of the Bambino Gesù hospital in Rome. The […]
15 February 2018

Share your story: the old media!

My most significant memories concern the installation of the landline phone at home and the start of television programs (first half of the fifties) and, subsequently, […]
14 February 2018

Next meeting in Plovdiv

On 8-9 March the project partners will meet in Plovdiv, Bulgaria for a new coordination meeting. The main topic to be discussed will be related to […]
11 February 2018

#My gifts for the future 3

A physical / political map of the current world, in order to realize the differences; the seeds of a plant that could be extinct a fashionable […]
7 February 2018

Share your story: War experiences

Here are my European Memories: 1- the stories of my father, Italian soldier, because from his daring adventure in the world war you learn a lot […]