Ahi Evran University – TURKEY

Ahi Evran University founded in 17 March 2006 is located in Kırşehir. Its a State University and teaching is in Turkish. There are 7 faculties, 3 institutes, 4 high schools, 7 vocational high schools, 11 research and implementation centers. Our university provide training in 9 campuses as Kırşehir Cacabey, Bağbaşı, Aşık Paşa, Sağlık, Kaman, Mucur, Çiçekdağı, Boztepe and Akpınar.

Ahi Evran University that has students above 18.000, has academical staff over 700.
Ahi Evran University which produces knowledge and publishes, is open to developments and changes with its education, opens ways to leadership, provides the production and dissemination of genuine knowledges, cares ethical values, thinks critical, aims to raise individuals owning national and moral values and having high self confidence and aims to present its accumulations to the benefity ofsociety, is growing and developing.

Within the body of our university, there are Audiovisual Techniques and Media Production Department Radio and Television Programming. Since its foundation, it has produced so many promotional documentaries, public service ads, magazines, newspapers, advertisements, cinema films and introduction films of our city and region. These products has contributed to our city’s and region’s recognition. In our department, there are expert lecturers in the field and talented students.