International Platform For Citizen Participation Sdruzhenie – BULGARIA


The IPCP is an international non-governmental organization working actively to foster human rights and local democracy. Founded in 2002 today IPCP is an important platform connecting the local authorities and civil society. It has 54 members from more than 20 countries that share interests in theory, methods and practice of active citizenship.

We are working on:
- strengthening of European integration in different geographical areas;
- active citizenship and citizens' participation;
- young people and fostering of equal opportunities ;
- sustainable economic development;
- Employment policy, quality of work and social inclusion.

At European level the IPCP promotes discussion among local and regional authorities, schools, vocational centers, foundations and non-governmental organizations dealing with human rights, local democracy and active citizenship and with those in related fields. More than 50 000 people are our members.

We enable people to spend their free time actively and usefully. We offer a variety of interesting events and a broad spectre of activities: different workshops, citizen initiatives, women and young girls support actions, voluntary services and other.

We also work in primary and secondary schools as volunteers – doing workshops on different subjects with pupils, in particular human rights education, entrepreneurship, active citizenship, promotion of sport and healthy life, anti trafficking and prevention of girls and young women from violence etc. We cover international relations as exchanges, EVS cooperation, trainings and development projects. The activities of the IPCP as a whole are oriented towards providing information and stimulating volunteer work among the citizens. Regional we cover information processes as Eurodesk Bulgaria regional partner. We are involved in Youth in action program and also have experience with Europe for citizen’s programme. We are also working in two projects within the Lifelong Learning programme – Gruntdvig and Leonardo da Vinci – Multilateral projects, where we are combining formal and non-formal learning in secondary schools to reduce drop out. Our broad experiences are in implementing international projects, project reviews and project management, as well as dissemination and valorisation management.

Stoyka Beleva - Board Chairman and Program director of IPCP, she has more than 10 years practical experience in project development and implementation – as project manager and coordinator with more than 20 developed and implemented projects (civil society development, adult education, lifelong learning, labour market initiatives, local development, and other, under Europe for Citizens, LLP, Youth in Action, national programmes and others) partnering local and regional authorities, business, NGOs, schools, vocational high schools and social components. Familiar with the different application and reporting procedures, application and reporting forms and documents under EU pre-accession instruments and structural funds, including leading teams of experts on local (municipalities) and regional (district and planning region).
Experience in design of training – Curricula development and conduction of vocational trainings, formal and non formal trainings, seminars, workshops, study circles, ateliers etc. using interactive teaching methods and approaches.

More than 10 years experience as a Trainer in Communication and outreach skills, Strategic and Operational Planning, Communication Planning, Team buildings, Conflict management, Project cycle management, Motivation trainings of unemployed etc. Design, initiation, coordination and moderation of public forum. Facilitator/moderator of study circles, focus groups, forum sessions, conferences. Labour market Consultant of young people and unemployed and Project evaluation/assessor (NFAPI)

Ventseslav Denkov - With qualification in Financial Management, by IPCP he is in charge of activities such as: design, development, coordination, management and reporting of EU funded initiatives (C.A.S.E.S. WORK, SCS, FYGO, HEALTHY DEVELOPMENT OF CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE THROUGH SPORT (HDCYPS), MY EUROPE, FUNNY, APYP, EFCA, MOD E, TIC.TA C, VIT, STAND.UP, HATE SPEECH ONLINE, COE). Namely: analysis of call for proposal, of call for interest, of EU programmes, strategies and recommendations; realization of needs analysis and diagnosis, feasibility studies, sustainability and impact surveys, elaboration of reports, papers and articles; planning and designing of transnational cooperation projects (pilot, mobility, transfer of good practice, cooperation partnerships), elaboration of the application forms, submission of the proposals; management of European project, coordination of the project’s staff, planning and realization of the work plan, development of project activities, assessment of project results; definition and development of evaluation strategies, as concerning assessment and monitoring plan, tools, indicators and reports; definition and development of valorisation strategies, as concerning communication, promotion and dissemination plan, tools and reports; administrative support, reporting of the activities and of project costs.

Kiril Georgiev - With qualification in Accounting, by IPCP he is responsible for: Management of accounts receivable/accounts payable; Checking expense reports (travel, representational expenses etc.); Tax and financial reporting; Monitoring of cash-flows; Accounting of deferred expenses; Inventory of material assets; Payment of invoices; Electronic bank system; Financial audit; Yearly balance sheets.