Sharing Europe – ITALY


Sharing Europe is a local association created by a group of communicators and professionals involved in European field. It's a non profit organization which developes activities for and with young and adult people, such as cultural and educational initiatives at local and European level.

It has good contacts and relations with the local administrators, with schools, associations, and other NGOs.

Moreover, it is member of 2 different European Networks very active in the field of cooperation.
Both Networks aim to actively participate in processes of developing of European citizenship through the development of different projects and initiatives. Sharing Europe is an independent organism, active in various types of activities such as:
- training courses,
- conferences,
- seminars,
- workshops,
- e-learning,
- placements and stages,
- exchanges, mobilities and initiatives,
- awareness raising,
- capacity building,
- etc.

So Sharing Europe's mission is to foster and support the sustainable development of local communities and individuals’ empowerment through education and training, human rights, international cooperation and the development of various European projects.

Good knowledge about the Local policies, Local project funded by European funds; good relationship with Local Actors (Institutions and Associations). Many contacts with schools and University to involve youngsters.

Knowledge about EU funds (direct and indirect); good competencies in activity of active participations of youngsters and adults.