20 February 2018

#My gifts for the future 5

The objects are five, but in the concrete four: my favorite book, so that posterity can enjoy it; a written and detailed report of the first […]
19 February 2018

Video recording of memories

Thanks to the Ahi Evran University, partner of the project, the partership is elaborating a common product realized in cooperation among the organization: during each Transnational meeting […]
19 February 2018

#My gifts for the future 4

A pencil, because I believe that in 500 years, unfortunately, no one will use pencils anymore. A pencil because it is a very powerful mean, it […]
19 February 2018

Share your story: the mystery of the nature

I was six years old, and with my father and mother we went to the Lungarno, in front of the National Library. It was a special […]
16 February 2018

Share your story: a new birth!

Here are my memories: The birth of my nephew. Certainly  it was the event that more than anything else excited me. A very strong emotional release […]
14 February 2018

Next meeting in Plovdiv

On 8-9 March the project partners will meet in Plovdiv, Bulgaria for a new coordination meeting. The main topic to be discussed will be related to […]