11 February 2018

#My gifts for the future 3

A physical / political map of the current world, in order to realize the differences; the seeds of a plant that could be extinct a fashionable […]
7 February 2018

Share your story: War experiences

Here are my European Memories: 1- the stories of my father, Italian soldier, because from his daring adventure in the world war you learn a lot […]
5 February 2018

#My gifts for the future 2

A photograph of my son and daughter, the best thing I have done so far, my expansion into the future, and certainly a part of my […]
4 February 2018

#My gifts for the future 1

Any vinyl of the great of the ’70s because that music and those words have vibrated and will continue to make consciences vibrate. A paper copy […]
19 January 2018

Galleria degli Uffizi Pictures storytelling lab

During the last TPM in Florence, the coordinators participating at the activities were involved in a short lesson about storytelling by Serena Barilaro from Sharing Europe. […]
24 May 2017

Tell us the + of your ERASMUS+!

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Erasmus+, we want to hear about the best bits of your Erasmus+ experiences! Perhaps Erasmus+ helped to kick start your career, […]